18 August 2011

Half day Rock climbing at Oxford Crag
We set off from The White LIon Inn
Patterdale for a short walk up hill
to Oxford Crag with its stunning
views over Ullswater. The sun
stayed out and we did some good
climbing before heading home for
a spot of lunch.
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11 August 2011

Helvellyn in the mist (950m or 3117ft)

We did the classic Helvellyn route, taking in Striding then Swirral
Edge. The cloud lifted so we could see Red Tarn and we headed
up Catstye Cam (890m) before returning home. Posted by Picasa

10 August 2011

A grand day out on Skiddaw (931m)

We set out on a perfect day to walk over Skiddaw. First we
tackled the long ridge over Ullock Pike, then a bite to eat
to gain energy before the final steep push onto the summit.
From here we headed down & north via waterfalls.
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02 August 2011

Rock Climbing Oxford & Thornhow with a bit of Abseilinghttps://picasaweb.google.com/100230183030877986170/ClimbJames?authuser=0&feat=directlink

We started at Oxford Crag (in the rain) with some easy climbs
and then progressed onto harder climbs before walking to
Thornhow (in the sun). Where we moved to longer climbs & a bit
of abseiling.
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